Our organization was founded in early 2002 in response to a broadly recognized need to improve the situation for companion animals in the Star Valley, Wyoming area. AHA-SV is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.

"Building successful partnerships for people and animals"
• We support responsible animal caretakers by reducing numbers of homeless pets through low cost spay/neuter programs.

• We offer advice related to training and care to help animals stay in their current homes.

"Finding a place for animals"

• Some of our members open their hearts and homes to temporarily shelter needy animals.

• We try to find new homes for pets when needed.

• Lucky’s Place Animal Shelter & Adoption Center is still and always be a “work in progress" as we strive to meet the needs of Star Valley animals. At times we will be over filled to capacity and not able to take your pet
but we will be happy to put you on our waiting list until we have an opening. We will still have a need for Foster Homes even after the shelter is operational. We will be glad to place your animal on Petfinders (see below) until we have room.

SURRENDERING A FAMILY PET: We will ask you to have the pet spayed or neutered and all vaccinations updated including rabies prior to bringing the pet in. Bring us a copy of your vet papers certifying same. We will ask you to complete a background history on the pet. When you turn the pet in we will also ask you for a donation to help us feed and care for the pet until it is adopted.  Please remember, this is not a County facility. Lincoln County does not have a shelter. Everything we do at Lucky’s Place is done with volunteers and donations. Which would you like to do? Volunteer or donate? Your understanding of these facts is appreciated. We do all we can to help the animals and your assistance and support is critical. Give us a call to see if we have an opening at (307) 883-PETS.
FOUND PETS: If you have found a lost pet, call (307) 883-PETS or send us an e-mail at info@ahasv.org and we will put it on our LOST & FOUND PET ALERT e-mail network to help you find the owner. The calls will be directed back to you if an owner calls. We also put the lost & found pets in the Penny Pincher and are grateful that they place the ads for us as an accommodation. Please let us know if you find the owner or have found your pet so we can remove it from our network. 

Petfinders is a nationwide organization that helps place unwanted pets. If we are full and cannot take your pet at this time, we will be happy to put your pet on Petfinders as an accommodation only with all calls directed back to you so you can screen the potential adopters. We will need 3 digital pictures of the pet with a complete description breed, size, color, male/female, spayed/neutered, age, disposition, special needs, your name, phone number and/or e-mail address and anything that you can tell us about your pet that might help it find a home. You will need to keep your pet until we have an opening if we are full. All of our available pets are listed on Petfinders and they do some wonderful things matching new owners up with unwanted pets. You can check them out on our web page at ahasv.org or go directly to Petfinders.com. You can send your completed “Petfinders Accommodation” form and 3 digital pictures to info@ahasv.org. Go to forms on our web page under Petfinders Accommodation. Please let us know if your have found a home for your pet.

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