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It takes a village...

Carol Holdeman | VICE PRESIDENT
Bree Dayley | SECRETARY
Megan Johnson | TREASURY
Carol Rush
Karen Hogan
Tom Brundage
Judy Brundag
Dan Denig
Ted Adams
Yvonne Adams
AHASV Address: 134 County Road 126A, Thayne, WY 83128

Alpine Vet | Dr. Tina 307-654-9990
Bridger Animal Hospital, Dr. Pachie, 307-883-4758
All Creatures | Dr. Wilford, 307-885-4362
Cottonwood Vet | Dr. Harris, 307-886-5517
Sheriff's Department | 307-885-5231
Alpine Town Hall | 307-654-7754
Char Mclean Rescue | 307-799-8830
Targhee Shelter | 208-354-3499
Jackson Shelter | 307-733-2139
AAC | 307-739-1881

Our Programs
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Low Cost Spay/Neuter

From time to time we will receive grants that enable us to assist the community with a portion of the cost of spay or neutering your pets. Thanks to PAWS of Jackson Hole and Dr. Heather Carlton, Animal Adoption Center in Jackson for their grants programs.

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We offer foster care to dogs and cats by opening our hearts and homes to temporarily shelter for needy animals. If you could only assist in fostering for a short time or on an emergency basis if even for only a few days or a week we could sure use your help.

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Open a place in your heart and you will receive much more in return. Lucky’s Place is NOT county or city owned or operated shelter it does not receive funds from local city governments. It is wholly run and mainained by volunteers.