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Frequently Asked Questions

...and the answers.

1. Where are you located? Where can I see your pets?
Call our 307-883-PETS hotline and leave a message. One of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible or check out our pets. We are conveniently located in the middle of Star Valley, 2.5 miles south of Thayne from Hwy. 89, turn East on Strawberry Creek Road. Go one mile to the entrance of the Thayne Landfill on the north side of the road.

2. Are your adoptable pets checked by a veterinarian?
Yes! Every single one of our pets has been to the veterinarian. They are all spayed or neutered and current on their vaccinations. Sometimes, they need to be checked for illness - if they are sick, they are treated until they are completely well. All adopters will be given copies of the pet’s medical records.

3. What are your adoption donation fees?
CATS: $40, DOGS: $85 , KITTENS $45, PUPPIES $125 for cash. We can now take credit/debit cards but would need to add an additional charge of $5 to cover costs.
The Animal Humane Association of Star Valley has no set adoption fees - we do not “sell” pets. We ask for a donation. Because AHA-SV is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your donation should be tax deductible. Ideally, a donation will cover the pet’s veterinary expenses. Although we take only donations on the pets we generally have $110-120 in each of our dogs and approximately $80 in each of out cats getting them spayed/neutered, vaccinated, vet care etc. We are now microchipping all of our dogs so if they are lost they can be returned to their owners.We try to replace those costs so we can move on to the next needy animal. Throughout the year, AHA-SV has fundraisers at which we attempt to earn enough money to make up the difference between adoption donations and veterinary expenses. If you live in Star Valley, Western Wyoming, Eastern Idaho or Northern Utah, please patronize our events and donate what you can.

4. Will you destroy the pet if it isn’t adopted?
NO WE ARE A NO KILL-SHELTER! Pets will stay in Lucky’s Place or stay with their foster families until they are adopted. If a pet becomes terminally ill, it will be treated until it can’t be treated any more.

6. What if my adoption does not work out? If your new pet is not the perfect fit for you or your family, AHA-SV will take the pet back. If you think there might be trouble, call us before the problem becomes too much to handle - often we can give you some tips for addressing a small problem before it gets to be a big problem. Our return policy is “no questions asked” but if you can give us an idea of the problem, it will help us find a better fit for the pet next time. Our goal is to find the perfect home for the pet the first time. It is in our best interest, your best interest and the best interest of the pet that all efforts are made to assure a good family/pet match. It usually takes at least three weeks for a new member of the family to fit in. BE PATIENT AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE. Call us if you are having a problem. Maybe we can suggest some ideas to make it work for you and your family.

7. What is your adoption procedure?
First, contact us by e-mail or telephone about a specific pet. Even if you are not sure which of our pets is right for you, tell us about yourself and what you think you would like in a pet. You will be contacted either by the foster family of the pet you are interested in, or by someone in AHA-SV who will tell you what we have available. We will chat with you to determine if the potential adoption would be a good fit. For example, if we have a dog whom we know to be a wanderer and you have no fenced yard, we would ask you to consider another dog that does not need a fenced yard.

Then, we will ask you to complete our Adoption Questionnaire. We will check your veterinarian’s reference. In the event of an out-of-area adoption, we might ask a shelter in your area to conduct a home visit for us. If there is anything on your Questionnaire that prompts additional questions, we will call you or send you an e-mail.

When the adoption is approved, we will ask you to sign the Adoption Agreement. You will receive a copy of the Agreement which will also serve as your charitable contribution receipt.

8. How can I make a donation to AHA-SV?
All donations are very much appreciated. We need operational funds constantly. You may fill out a form and use your credit card from our website (See “Donate”).  AHA-SV does pay a small service fee for credit card donations. Or, you can simply send your check to The Animal Humane Association of Star Valley (“AHA of SV”) at P.O. Box 654, Thayne, WY 83127.

9. What is your “Adopt-a-Buddy” program?
This is a popular program for people who want to help us but are not in a position to adopt a dog or cat. For a pledge of $25 per month, we will let you pick out a dog or cat, usually one who has slight short term adoption prospects, to sponsor until your Buddy is adopted. If you cannot decide among the pets on our list, we will pick out a Buddy for you. We can send you photographs and updates on your Buddy’s activities and progress toward adoptability. We have a few dogs and cats who may not be overly cute, or may be older or may have some health or behavior issues which render them temporarily unadoptable. These pets need Buddies! Call us or e-mail us if you are interested in participating in this program.

10. Lucky's Place finds about 300-350 forever homes each year for abandoned and unwanted pets.
Each pet that is adopted has been spayed/neutred, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked and the dogs get microchipped.

Our Programs
AHASV Spay Neuter Program

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

From time to time we will receive grants that enable us to assist the community with a portion of the cost of spay or neutering your pets. Thanks to PAWS of Jackson Hole and Dr. Heather Carlton, Animal Adoption Center in Jackson for their grants programs.

animal shelter pets


We offer foster care to dogs and cats by opening our hearts and homes to temporarily shelter for needy animals. If you could only assist in fostering for a short time or on an emergency basis if even for only a few days or a week we could sure use your help.


Open a place in your heart and you will receive much more in return. Lucky’s Place is NOT county or city owned or operated shelter it does not receive funds from local city governments. It is wholly run and mainained by volunteers.