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You can become a foster family

If you could only assist in fostering for a short time or on an emergency basis if even for only a few days or a week we could sure use your help. Sometimes we have more animals than places to put them and need a temporary spot to hold them until we have an opening in our facility.

CALL (307) 883-PETS and leave a message if you are interested in becoming a permanent Foster Family or an Emergency Foster care provider. One of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible or you can mail your application to:
AHA-SV, Box 654, Thayne, Wyoming 83128
One of our Directors will contact you.

We thank you for volunteering to help the animals of the AHA of SV. We hope you enjoy your tune with the animals. Your participation is greatly appreciated and as a foster parent, you play a crucial role in making these dogs more adoptable!

Functions of Foster Parents
1. Provide a safe and loving environment for the animal.
2. Expose the dog to life in a home
3. Add to socializing, basic training and personality assessment
4. Give lots of affection, of course
5. Exposure of the dog to the public (either in person or by word of mouth)

To ensure the safety and well-being of both the dogs and volunteers, the following are some guidelines we have created for fosterers.

Fosterers are responsible for the feeding of the dog/cat, as well as any necessary walk/romps in a fenced area or on a leash. It is a good idea to take the dog out a few times in the evening, including 10 minutes after feeding, once before bedtime and first thing in the morning.

Keep record of whatever you have observed in your time together. This is how we learn about the individual dogs/cats, and how potential adopting parents learn about the dogs. This makes them more adoptable in a forever home.

It is required that you keep your foster dog on a leash, with a collar and ID tag at all times.
It is a good idea to dog-proof your house BEFORE you take the dog there.
This includes picking up all other dog’s toys to avoid possessiveness.

If you will be introducing the foster dog to other pets, here are some suggestions. Territorial, status, and possessive issues could arise. Have them meet the foster dog in a neutral territory. If you have cats in the house, introduce the dog while on leash. Let him sniff you cat and let your cat sniff him/her. If your cat is uncomfortable, give him/her a safe, quiet space that the dog cannot reach.

Our Programs
ahasv spay/neuter program

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

From time to time we will receive grants that enable us to assist the community with a portion of the cost of spay or neutering your pets. Thanks to PAWS of Jackson Hole and Dr. Heather Carlton, Animal Adoption Center in Jackson for their grants programs.

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We offer foster care to dogs and cats by opening our hearts and homes to temporarily shelter for needy animals. If you could only assist in fostering for a short time or on an emergency basis if even for only a few days or a week we could sure use your help.


Open a place in your heart and you will receive much more in return. Lucky’s Place is NOT county or city owned or operated shelter it does not receive funds from local city governments. It is wholly run and mainained by volunteers.